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As a biologist in addition to a professional background immersed in food technology, Nicolas, the founder of Ecospirulina, is now obsessed with quality.
Microalgae consumption brings a full range of essential nutrients to the body; to respect this complete nutritional content is a must.
These microorganisms are cultivated into water. Do all producers really care about the quality of the water being used, the surrounding environment, cultivation and processing materials being used? Basic precautions to avoid external contamination of the culture medium (heavy metals, dust, dioxins, insects, nano plastic particles, etc.) and the processing facilities (food grade materials, hygienic measures) have to be taken, so that a pure and healthy food can be enjoyed. Be aware: many spirulina producers do not respect all these production basic requirements.

At Ecospirulina, we take care of the product down to the smallest details.

We have invested in a production line with the most modern technology and all cultivation processes are certified by the HACCP quality system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Ecospirulina is the first company in Spain to have implemented this quality system for the production of spirulina. It is controlled 5 times a year by Spanish Health Authorities. We are glad to inform that every inspection report states no negative points.

Any material being used in our production is food grade quality. For example, the cultivation ponds are made of materials used for drinking water. In industrial production this material is replaced by concrete or non-food grade plastic.

Microbiological and heavy metal analyses are carried out systematically to ensure the safety of the product.
We work small production batches to ensure the optimum freshness of the product at all times. Thus the consumer can enjoy the maximum concentration of essential nutrients. We detail the process times from cultivation to consumption in this scheme: "Transit times".

In this objective we choose an ecological and hermetic package. It preserves the freshness of the product and its nutritional properties.

At Ecospirulina we are first and foremost concerned about the quality of the food within our reach. Therefore, we strive to provide maximum transparency and information about the products offered. If you have any questions or suggestions about the content of this page, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to exchange information.


Since we have decided to take care of our body thanks to the properties of spirulina, we need to make sure that it is of high quality, since there is everything on the market... Here we give you a mini guide to make the best choice: