Ecospirulina ® - Ethics as an artisan producer of spirulina


The 21st century promises to be full of challenges, including the nutrition of a growing population in a world with limited resources. Food has become an international business that rules over the right of populations to enjoy the local resources provided by nature. The spirulina consumed in Europe comes mostly from Asian industrial productions in which processes being used denaturalize much of the essential nutrients available to the organism..

Faced with this situation, we, artisan producers of spirulina, propose a food of high quality, with exceptional nutritional content while acting towards a more sustainable world, the world we want:

A local production of our food for local consumption, production transparency:

To take spirulina is to eat a complete food, a sustainable food whose production requires light, heat, CO2 and minerals to emit a precious good: oxygen.

Source of life, the family of microorganisms to which spirulina belongs has given us the oxygen that allowed our existence; only for this gift we think that cultivating it is to thank it.

It is difficult as a consumer today to differentiate a quality spirulina from an industrial spirulina supported by marketing: that is why we artisan producers are available to people wanting to learn about what we consume.

The producers who are committed to this text want to act ethically and always thinking about bringing well-being to people. We hope to be on a sustainable path thanks to the production of a food that can respond to many of the concerns of today and tomorrow, to leave a planet as fair as possible for future generations.

Spirulina represents a great help for malnourished populations, that is why we consider that all the technical advances achieved and the knowledge of its cultivation are important to transmit them to those who need them.

In our opinion, consuming with criteria is fundamental and that is why we have come together as responsible producers to offer a guarantee of quality and common ethical principles.

Because unity makes strength and every day it is more difficult for small farmers to make their voices heard, we invite people who support our vision in communicating our existence to their friends.