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Cultivated in the Natural Park of Serra Calderona (Valencia, Spain)

Parques Naturales de la Comunidad Valenciana
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Cultivated in the Natural Park of Serra Calderona (Valencia, Spain)

Spirulina production is highly sustainable as such.

So to improve sustainability and become one of the best product quality worldwide, we have settled down the production in a Natural Protected Area.

We enjoy an exceptional natural environment far from any source of pollution. Spirulina grows into the spring water of the Natural Park, bathed by the sun of the Levantine coast and gently flavoured by the scent of orange blossom from orange trees that surround us. An ideal spot for the cultivation of spirulina.

Production is certified by the authorities of the Natural Park. We have received the certification plaque in an official act from Valencia Mayor.

This distinction is part of our aim to achieve the highest possible quality of spirulina and rewards our daily efforts to protect the environment.

We are also collaborating with other certified companies to promote environmental education.

Together with Calderona Viva and Cultivar Salud, we have created a dramatized pedestrian route to walk the paths of the Natural Park with the theme of Mediterranean plants and their therapeutic use.

We invite you to discover the Serra Calderona Natural Park and visit us: we will be delighted to show you our crop! We want a transparent world, and more when it comes to the most sacred: our food!

Ecospirulina en sierra Calderona Ecospirulina en sierra Calderona