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Ecospirulina's benefits
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Ecospirulina's benefits

- You want to be sure of the highest spirulina quality you can find on the market, 

- You are convinced that spirulina has to be real RAW, which means low temperature dehydration to preserve product freshness and full nutritional value,

- You trust a European production based on HACCP quality control system controlled by EU Health and Sanitary Authorities,

- You understand that a product certified by a Natural Park is the best guarantee we can offer to be pollution-free (no heavy metals nor pesticides from the water nor dioxins from the air nor micro plastic from the installation compounds...). Pristine water, beautiful sun and scent sweet orange blossom is our reality.

- You are a Responsible and Aware consumer, you act in favour of a fair purchase,

- You pay attention to the environmental impact of packaging: light weight and food quality recyclable materials to preserve freshness and reduce carbon emission during transportation is what proposes Ecospirulina,

- High quality is a must for you: for us too. Our spirulina reaches more than 13% phycocyanin content (specific spirulina's blue pigment and powerful antioxidant for the body), while most famous brands can't claim values over 8%,

- You want to make sure that your money goes directly to the producer and make a small team of dedicated people happy to receive your trust and allow them to continue their efforts towards high quality standards,

- You would like to be certain of what we say? Please come and visit us: this is what we believe our highest guarantee. Transparency is a must, more importantly when it comes to the most sacred: our food.