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Organic chlorella in tablets

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Organic chlorella tablets. 200 tablets of 400mg each pure chlorella, no additives. Broken cell walls for higher absorption, ideal to make body detox of heavy metals. 

Composition: 100% chlorella vulgaris

Origin: ECO no UE

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General infomation

Chlorella benefits

Chlorella is a microalgae that owes its name to its high chlorophyll content. It is probably the vegetable richest in chlorophyll that can be consumed today. It is consumed for its naturally detoxifying properties of heavy metals in the body. Our modern pace of life with not always adequate eating habits, the quality of food consumed, water pollution, lead fillings, etc. are a source of involuntary ingestion of heavy metals. They are stored especially in the fatty tissues of the body and their accumulation is harmful.

It may therefore be advisable to detoxify or cleanse the body of these unwanted compounds. Chlorella is a good ally for a natural detox diet.

In Ecospirulina we recommend to be accompanied by a professional to perform a complete detox diet: it is about preparing the body, i.e. to perform a pre-cleanse with an appropriate diet. Then comes the actual stage of detoxification or chelation, before proceeding to the elimination of heavy metals.

There is a large supply of chlorella on the market and just as it combines with heavy metals in the body, it does so in the culture medium. Therefore, chlorella grown in polluted water can be more harmful than beneficial. At Ecospirulina we propose an organic chlorella cultivated in a natural environment and under certified analysis of heavy metals.

We do not love the origin of the Hainan Island because of its remoteness, yet it is the chlorella that has given us the best quality assurance: 

  • It comes from an islland in the China sea which envirnment is well preserved
  • As a gurantee of quality, it has a double certification: Ceres and Naturland, serious German certifiers
  • All quality certificates are validated by European companies, as well as bacteriological and heavy metal analyses (SGS) 
  • We are assured of cell wall breakage
  • The european producers we contacted dis not offer us either the guarantee of ecological certification nor the breaking of the cell walls of the final product. 

Broken cell wall?

Ecospirulina chlorella has a broken cell wall. The cell walls of chlorella are composed of cellulose, a molecule that is difficult for the body to digest. It is therefore advisable to consume broken cell wall chlorella: it allows the body to benefit from all its properties. It is worth mentioning the high content of bioavailable iron in chlorella.

How to consume chlorella?

The tablet format makes it easy to take and allows a precise dosage of the desired intake. It is recommended to ingest 2 to 8 tablets daily, preferably on an empty stomach with a source of vitamin C. Lemon juice with warm water, for example, is usually a good combination with chlorella. The general recommendations for a detox are to start the intake gradually, increasing the amount for a few days, before decreasing the amount again. A professional will help you determine the right amount based on your detox goals, age, weight, frequency of dieting, etc. It is usual to drink plenty of fluids during the elimination phase, such as diuretic or depurative infusions.


The cultivation of Ecospirulina is highly sustainable and is located in an unbeatable natural environment.
Our production is certified by the Serra Calderona Natural Park.


We produce high quality food including all the human values ​​that we want to foster in a modern society. For this we want to be 100% transparent, we work for food sovereignty and the development of the rural environment. No cheat.


As federated producers, we are committed to allocate 2% of our sales to the development of serious spirulina crops in disadvantaged areas of the world.


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