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Dehydrated Wakame seaweed from Galicia. Harvested by hand, certified organic. Seaweed rich in phosphorus (memory, bones, growth), iron (blood oxygenation), iodine (thyroid hormone production), proteins (tissue synthesis and biological processes), fibre (digestive processes). 
Excellent source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, it is ideal for adding to fish soups, salads, pasta, etc.

Composition: 100% wakame seaweed dehydrated (undaria pinnatifida)

Origin: Galician coast, Spain

Raw product (drying <40ºC)

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General infomation

Ecospirulina produces spirulina microalgae and relies on algae as food for sustainable development. The high nutritional level they provide and their sustainable cultivation method are essential to nourish people while respecting the planet. 
We are so convinced by the quality of Algas La Patrona's products and its company philosophy of preserving the marine environment that we want to create synergies with this very respectful Galician SME. 
Wakame seaweed is one of the most famous seaweeds in Japanese cuisine. It has a flat, elongated, dark brown, flat sheet shape. It greens when cooked. It has a crunchy and fleshy texture. Gradually, those who introduce it into their diet benefit from nutritional properties that other foods do not provide. 
It can be eaten both raw and cooked. In raw form, it is advisable to rehydrate the seaweed in warm water for about 10 minutes. For cooking, 5 minutes are enough in hot water, but it can be incorporated into stews and sauces that cook for longer periods of time. 
It provides a slight taste of the sea. 
In addition to its very complete nutritional contribution (vitamins, minerals and trace elements, proteins, carbohydrates), it provides soluble fibre. Soluble fibres promote intestinal transit without entailing intestinal pain.   

Instructions for use: 

Wakame seaweed can be considered as a condiment. It is usually added to cooked dishes such as fish stews, sauces, quiches, etc. It is also consumed raw once rehydrated, in salads, on toast or canapés and goes perfectly with fresh cheese, smoked salmon, etc. When dried, it can be reduced to small pieces and sprinkled on top of any dish as salt. It adds a salty flavour to dishes and enriches them nutritionally. 
The most creative people will use it in croquettes, hamburgers, rice dishes, scrambled eggs, even as a garnish for meats. 


High in soluble fibre (39%) and fucoidans (polysaccharides) which have biological properties such as obesity prevention, cholesterol regulation and immune system regulation. Source of protein (15%) and magnesium, rich in iron and iodine. Carbohydrates (39%), fats <2%, salt 5.7%. Its phosphorus content stands out (good memory function). 
For details of composition, see back of packet. 


Due to its iodine content (0,0156g/100g), consumption of wakame seaweed is not recommended for certain groups of people (ask your doctor). 
May contain traces or small materials of marine origin such as fish, crustaceans and/or molluscs. 

Galician coast, FAO area 27: Bay of Biscay and Portuguese waters. 


The cultivation of Ecospirulina is highly sustainable and is located in an unbeatable natural environment.
Our production is certified by the Serra Calderona Natural Park.


We produce high quality food including all the human values ​​that we want to foster in a modern society. For this we want to be 100% transparent, we work for food sovereignty and the development of the rural environment. No cheat.


As federated producers, we are committed to allocate 2% of our sales to the development of serious spirulina crops in disadvantaged areas of the world.


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