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Pure Spirulina Tablets - produced in Spain

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Organic Spirulina tablets for an easy dosage of the daily intake. Produced in Spain (Natural Reserve of Serra Calderona, Valencia).

Packs of pure spirulina, without additives (formats of 20g to try it, 80g original size ideal for one month consumption, 400g family size saving format). The Ecospirulina tablets are very special: cold pressed, they do not need any caking agent because the spirulina has been dehydrated at a low temperature. In this way it keeps being a raw food and preserves its bioactive molecules and nutritional properties of fresh spirulina. It results in a pure 100% natural spirulina full of  highly biodigestible nutrients. Recommended for athletes, dieters, people who want to complete and improve their diet.

Composition: 100% spirulina (arthrospira platensis) natural: no additives, no preservatives, colourings free, pesticides free, GMO free.

Composition: 100% pure spirulina

Origin: Spain

Raw product (drying <40ºC)

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General infomation

Composition and properties of spirulina produced in Spain

Spirulina tablets of 400mg for an easy dosage of the daily intake. Ecospirulina tablets are very special: when cold pressed, they do not need an agglomerating agent unlike industrial spirulina, because our spirulina is dehydrated at a low temperature to preserve its nutritional properties intact (thus it remains a raw food full of bioactive ingredients). It results in a pure 100% natural spirulina filled with highly biodigestible nutrients. 


Cultivated in the Serra Calderona Natural Park (Valencia, Spain). Product certified Natural Product by the authorities of the Natural Park. With the aim of transparency in our production methods, we visit our cultivation facilities. To do so, you can contact us here.

Our commitment

Spirulina produced in Spain: Ecospirulina are the first handmade spirulina tablets produced in Spain - High quality water from the Natural Park - Harvest early in the day when its content of bioactive ingredients is at the highest - Gentle dehydration at a controlled low temperature in our laboratory (maximum 39ºC) to preserve all its properties -. Certified by the mark of Natural Parks of the Valencian Community - Quality control system HACCP - Respect for the environment - Food packaging of recyclable materials - Freshness of product assured - Much dedication and love towards a production of high quality.

How to consume spirulina in tablets?

Spirulina can be consumed throughout the year or during more specific periods according to needs (fatigue, anaemia, sports training, stress, diet, higher energy demand, etc.).

In regular consumption, it is advisable to take 2 to 3g a day (4 to 6 tablets) on an empty stomach or before breakfast and lunch to take advantage of all the nutrients in this superfood.
In more intense consumption (sportsmen in period of intense training, changes of season, anemic state or of punctual tiredness), Recommendation: from 4 to 6g per day (8 to 12 tablets) during periods of 2 to 3 months.

For athletes, it is recommended to take one part of the spirulina tablets before exertion, and the other part after exertion. This allows the body to provide the essential nutrients it needs as well as a high performance recovery. It also reduces the oxidative stress of the cells thanks to the important contribution in natural antioxidants.

Note: for a better assimilation of iron, it is advisable to consume spirulina together with a source of vitamin C (fruit, fresh fruit juice, etc.).

First artisan spirulina tablets in Spain

Ecospirulina tablets are cold-pressed and do not require any type of chemical caking agent, unlike most commercially available tablets. Spirulina polysaccharides are not destroyed by the low temperature drying process (39ºC maximum). Thus, it allows to make pure tablets 100% natural raw spirulina. To date, all commercially available tablets are manufactured with industrial spirulina dried at high temperature by the "spray dry" method at 180ºC. This process destroys part of the essential nutrients of spirulina such as vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, etc. and results in a dead and oxidised product, to which chemical additives generally have to be added.

With the same weight unit in pure spirulina, the Ecospirulina tablets are much more competitive in price compared to the quality of the product and the final price of the big brands.

Easy to swallow and highly digestible, Ecospirulina tablets are ideal for measuring your daily intake and facilitating its rapid intake. Recommended for the whole family.

The tablets are ready for consumption and enjoyment!


2 years in a cool dry place and protected from light. It can happen that a tablet is broken by not using any chemical additive: it does not affect its nutritional integrity.


Still don't know spirulina? Consult our guide to find out everything about spirulina.

At Ecospirulina we are first and foremost people who are concerned about the quality of the foods that come within our reach. Therefore, we strive to provide maximum transparency and information about the products offered. If you have any questions or suggestions about the content of this page, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to exchange information. 


The cultivation of Ecospirulina is highly sustainable and is located in an unbeatable natural environment.
Our production is certified by the Serra Calderona Natural Park.


We produce high quality food including all the human values ​​that we want to foster in a modern society. For this we want to be 100% transparent, we work for food sovereignty and the development of the rural environment. No cheat.


As federated producers, we are committed to allocate 2% of our sales to the development of serious spirulina crops in disadvantaged areas of the world.


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